The 7 Healing Secrets

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Holistic Alternative Neuro-Bio Therapy The 7 Healing Secrets to establish or reestablish Allostatis (Psyche and Organic harmony for total wellness):
  1. Mind and Body readiness for effective medicinal leech applications
  2. Find the right points for successful applications
    (NOT - NOT acupuncture points OR meridians. According to scientific studies they don't work in leech therapy)
  3. Number of leeches to be applied in a session
  4. Frequency of applications
  5. The right approach for the best combination of herbs, food, faith and mind.
  6. Follow ups and implementations for effective and lasting healing
  7. Expectation, Blessing, and Thanksgiving

These 7 steps must be applied by anyone who would like to use our Therapy effectively. All you need is faith in God. We work only with people who believe there is a God or a Creator Who can help us heal our body by using natural approaches. We welcome all types of religious or spiritual people who believe that God has a better medicine than any other medicines and God is the Greatest Healer.

What if you are not qualified to use leech therapy?
The good news is there are several other natural wellness programs that we can use to help you reverse diseases, pain, phobia, addiction and negative mental behavior. This is the difference between Emmanuel Renaud and many other leech therapists or holistic practitioners because the body and the mind can repair themselves with the right approach.

Why some people die from certain diseases and others continue living with or without them happily and vibrantly?
In your brain, the PFC holds one secret that many of us have used unconsciously along with natural remedies and therapies to heal ourselves when medical doctors can't. Here is a palpable and famous case that scientists and doctors up to now have no clear explanation about, Magic Johnson's HIV.
"Magic's positive demeanor brightens the gloom and doom in the room, at least to a certain degree. "This is not like my life is over because it's not," he tells the crowd. "I'm going to live on. Everything is still the same. I can work out. ... I'll just have to take medication and go on from there." He smiles. He looks out toward the crammed room of reporters, fans, friends and teammates and says, "This is another challenge in my life. It's like your back is against the wall. And you have to come out swinging. And I'm swinging."
This excerpt is from
Today he is living healthier than even those who have no HIV. It is very important to know that you beat or reverse any diseases with the right approach.
"When Medical Doctors can't help you with your suffering, God always can be the best alternative"
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