12 Pregnancy Rules for a woman like you to give birth to a loving, happy, healthy and smart baby.

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The life of your offspring starts way before birth and even before conception. There are many and many factors that can help you give birth to a smart, healthy, loving, innovative, caring baby who will become a valuable citizen in our society. Not paying attention and not applying these factors may cause you to have a damaged baby, child and adult who will be problematic for you and our society. Having unhealthy children is a big problem and very unfortunate one, in my opinion, no one wants.

I wish pregnant women would start with the right coaching the moment they had the thought of having kids. The right coaching should include a true total wellness assessment made with primary doctor and the consultation of a Holistic Herbal Practitioner who is a total wellness expert. Total Wellness Suggestions can help the pregnant woman understand and deal with her primary doctor and other Medical Doctors more efficiently.

This approach will definitely lower the cost of pregnancy, lower pre-natal death rate while increasing the possibility of having a happy and healthy pregnancy which creates the possibility to give birth to a smart, caring, loving and robust baby.

Pregnancy is women’s highest and hardest labor that’s must be carried out with great joy, passion, grace, forgiveness, mindfulness and excellent help and rewards from everyone who loves kids and mankind in general. These suggestions are provided by me as a way to express my deepest gratitude and respect to all women and specially those who have given birth and raised kids.

Rule # 1 A pregnant woman has to be free of bad stress as much as possible so she can have a mind and body that are balanced. Allostasis is very important during pregnancy.

Rule # 2 You must eat to be healthy because good food will help the mind and body. Healthy food are good fats, good proteins and good carbohydrates that are free of dangerous and carcinogen chemicals. Chewing must be practiced mindfully and take time to enjoy your food including the raw portion. Clean water with a pH of about 7.325 must be drunk daily and keep the body well replenished with water. Do not wait to be thirsty. Drink and drink a lot of water. Vitamin water is not water. Water is just water only.

Rule # 3 Avoid processed food and drinks as much as you can. No soda, No alcohol, No Chewing Gums, No smoking, No junk or fake foods.

Rule # 4 Make sure to avoid gluten, wheat, corn, fat free stuff, sugar free stuff, caffeine free stuff, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and junk sugar. They make your digestive system sick.

Rule # 5 Canned and boxed food products whose labels have more than 10 ingredients should be avoided. Nothing can replace natural plant based food. Genetically Modified Food should not be consumed because there is no research that proved them very safe after long term consumption.  To break bad food or drink habits try to not obey immediately to your brain when it makes feel like eating certain foods that are not good for you. Wait a little longer by starting with 15 or 30 minutes waiting to start breaking the habits. The longer time you can wait the better it is because ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) will rewire itself to form new habits. Surely enough there will be a time you won’t have any desire to continue drinking or eating these foods because of the power of neuroplasticity. A little self along the way can be a great help to breaker these bad habits. Here is a good and positive self-talk “I know very soon I won’t eat (name it or them) I won’t drink (name it or them) I won’t do (name it or them) because they are not good for me. I don’t want (name it or them) anymore.” A good self-talk has to be felt deeply and seen in the wish that is desired. More the self-talk is practice with faith, but effortlessly, the better it is.  P.S. if a bad habit is not too dangerous and give it up may create a lot of bad withdraws and more anxiety, it may be wiser to live with it during the pregnancy, so you can deal with it later on after giving birth. The goal is not to create more problems or complications, but to live as happy and healthy as possible.

Rule # 6 Pain must be avoided or minimized as much as possible. One way to avoid pain is not to consume foods that contain atropine, capsaicin, solanine, and tomatine (nightshades). Some of these are eggplant, tomato, white potato, many spicy condiments, etc. Leech therapy is natural, safe and is very good to remove pain almost instantly while eliminating infection, inflammation, blood clotting, but a pregnant woman must not use it. There are many natural herbs and oils that must be avoided as well. Bitter herbs can affect the placenta in a negative way. Below at the end of the article is a link that will provide you ample information about the herbs and essential oils to be avoided.

Rule # 7 Cosmetics, Toilet & Beauty products can be very dangerous when being used without the right understanding and awareness of the chemicals they are made of; if you live in the European Community that may not be a great burden on you, but if you live in the US and other countries like China, India, African, South and Central America countries you better be aware of what you are putting on your body. For instance, many deodorants in theUS may or can damage your kidney. Fluoride toothpaste must not be consumed, specially by pregnant women because it may cause many health problems for both, the baby and the mother. As of April 1997 the FDA required that toothpaste manufacturers to put the following warning: "WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately."

Imagine this! A lot of pregnant women wear lipstick every day. We all know that lead is lethal to health. Many lipsticks may have lead and many other dangerous chemicals such as FORMALDEHYDE, MINERAL OIL, TALC, PARABEN, IRON OXIDE, and BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE. Paraben and specially bismuth oxychloride are well known to be carcinogen, so they may kill the baby or cause the baby to develop dangerous illnesses after birth or during childhood or adulthood.

Rule # 8 Avoid unwanted and undesired sexual activities. Good, fun and loving sex is great. It lowers stress and promotes good health. Make sure your partner or husband does not wear sexual cream activator or taking pills to last longer. No sexual toys of any kind. Crazy and unhealthy sex must not be practiced.

Rule # 9 Avoid tight clothes, bras, underwear, and do not try to hide the state of your pregnancy in any shape or form. In fact, let the world know that you are happily pregnant. This is the greatest accomplishment and labor for any woman.

Rule # 10 Foot Bottle Therapy is a free and an easy way to help blood flow and the whole body reactivate and adjust itself. Exercise will definitely help the whole mind and body. Breathing therapy and meditation are also great. To me meditation, prayer, chanting, music, song and walking are very and very important to do or practice. Avoid obscene, cursing, malicious, racist, unforgiving, unpleasant, ungrateful and non- forward thinking songs because they will affect negatively both, your offspring and you. Music, songs good or bad have a great power on our brain.  During your pregnancy play the music and songs that you like the most and if you can, play them while sleeping.  But make sure you have a plenty sleep. This is an obligation. A body that is not rested fully can’t function effectively and will definitely become sick overtime. Night time sleep is far much better than daytime sleep.

Rule # 11 Avoid taking too many natural herbs and specially those coming from China, India, Brazil and from many other countries where CAM regulations do not exist. To avoid anemia, constipation, inflammation, anxiety, hormonal disorders and many other problems pregnant women tend to have it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits that have high level of vitamin Iron, E, C, D, folic acid and B complex. Goat milk does not have folic acid, but it is better than cow’s milk. Goat milk may help you lower inflammation, fat and bad cholesterol.  Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Watercress, Fenugreek even Sugarcane and Coconut can be excellent sources of nutrients.

Rule # 12 Write a journal about your symptoms, challenges and improvements so you can adjust, or remove or change or add food or behavior or thoughts or medication or supplements in order to maintain allostasis. Pregnancy does not have to be painful and does not to leave you with health problems such as obesity, varicose, inflammation, anxiety and bad habits after giving birth either. Be mindful about free advices because they are too many experts who never practice anything, get different opinions from real experts and have faith in God that you can become or stay healthy. Send love to yourself, your offspring, your husband or partner. Remember, what works for that pregnant woman may not work for you. Every pregnancy is different and every woman is also different based on many factors included your DNA, thoughts, environment, eating and drinking habits, and your brain wiring.

Bonus # 1 Have a clear imagination of your offspring at least twice a day. Take 15 to 30 minutes thinking about how loving, happy, healthy and smart your baby is and see and feel how the baby will manifest these traits in our society. Take enough time to think, imagine, feel and sense each trait. Caress your belly as much as you can while talking with love and grace to your baby as if the baby is in your arms. Most good partners or husbands always caress a pregnant woman’s belly while saying affectionate, loving and confident words towards the future baby and mother. By the way, a baby can truly hear because after 6 six weeks the brain starts shaping itself.

Bonus # 2 Breastfeeding is good for both, you and the baby. If you breastfeed for a long period of time you may not get pregnant again while breastfeeding as it is the case for many African women who breast for up to 4 years according to many scientist including Prof Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University.  Birth control pills may be very dangerous, so breastfeeding for a long time is good for all of us. The baby will grow faster and healthier and will be more loving and more caring if breastfeeding is done with care and love; and she nourishes her mind, brain and body with best foods, thoughts and supplements.

It is worth reminding ourselves that happy, loving, caring, healthy and smart parents have a very high possibility to give birth and raise great kids.But a single parent can also do a great job in raising great kids. Marcel Renaud was to me a great dad and mom.  The many thousands of people I have helped through my holistic approach can tell you if my dad did a great job.

I certainly believe he did and he was for me the greatest dad and mom in the world.  This article is dedicated to Marcel Renaud, my dad and mom; and to all mothers, fathers (future dads and moms) and single parents who are raising kids with care, love, passion, awareness and dedication to make sure he or she or they become healthy, compassionate, loving and caring citizens in the world.

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Happy and continuing healthy pregnancy!

Emmanuel Renaud


Warning and Disclaimer:
Keep in mind that every thing mentioned in this article is considered as Emmanuel Renaud’s beliefs and opinion based on his research and studies. He is not a Medical Doctor, so he does not provide medical advices. He does neither cure nor diagnose. He believes God can cure and He does all the time.  Before applying these suggestions if any, please contact your primary medical doctor.

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