Holistic Leech Therapy For Celebrity and Wealthy People

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Total Wellness: Holistic Leech Therapy For Celebrities, Wealthy and Famous People in Newark, Hollywood, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and celebrities around the world. This service is a non-medical service because it is totally natural and holistic and guided to people who believe in a Higher Power or God Regardless their religion. In our services we combine natural therapies with Mind-Power (Spiritual Healing) for a better healing.

Services Provided For Celebrity and Wealthy People:
At home, office, hotel in The United States, French and Dutch territories. And maybe your homeland if qualifies. We offer our services to celebrities only by program: Day, or Weekend or a full week abroad at one of our celebrity Hotel-Spas.

Mind Reactivation
Many celebrities and wealthy people tend be stressed out because of their life. Stress and other anomalies have caused to developed many mental dysfunctions problems which scientists call dementia such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson, ADD, Bipolar, prolong headache that up to now traditional medicine (Scientific medicine) has no cure for these brain problems or diseases. But fortunately Spiritual healing combined holistic medicine have to power to reverse these problem with out prescription drugs. In fact, The University Of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Newburg confirmed it was possible for the brain and body to heal without prescription drugs. Doctor Norman Dodge in his The Brain That Changes Itself also confirmed that the brain can heal itself. Yes, a well trained person who understands many aspect of wellness scientifically, holistically and spiritually can help people achieve what many would call miracles. I have seen miracles in my life and in many of my clients' life. One of my clients was supposed to die within 6 months from a lung cancer according the #1 hospital in the country, because of God and his belief in Him and in my wellness program. It has been more than 2 years since then and he still alive and well.
This program can be offered at home, office or in a hotel here or abroad or a combination of the two.

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation:
This program is a science based holistic approach that is aimed to maintain or restore allostasis. In order words, it takes care of all the systems of the body by nourishing it socially, physiologically and spiritually. It educates the body and its owner in a very easy way to continue maintaining youthfulness and beauty. Your hair may grow again, your winkles, varicose veins, blood clot, inflammation* may reduce or disappear, your bone may become stronger than ever, sex energy, mood, skin, mental clarity and vitality may reach its optimal level.

This program starts with a 7-day straight addiction reversal wellness program with an additional of 21 days to build a solid foundation for complete addiction reversal. Most long term addictions come with psychosis along with many other problems, so, in some cases, it may require a longer program depending on the current state of the client. We certainly don't believe in a 1-day or a 3-day quick fix program. This program can be offered at home or abroad or a combination of the two.

Arthritis (All types):
This type of autoimmune disease is not well understood and unfortunately most drugs treatment can't reverse the problem, but holistic leech therapy (leech and other natural therapies) has been able to help reverse the problem along with other complications such as pain and inflammation or bone loss. A lot of clients can see and feel the benefits in just one session. This program can be offered at home, office or in a hotel here or abroad or a combination of the two.

Holistically to us the word pain means inhumane punishment no matter what types of pain (Somatic, Visceral, Neuropathic, sympathetic) it is because medicinal leech and other natural therapies can do an amazing job almost instantly. I have seen miracle happen almost instantly. This program can be offered at home, office or in a hotel here or abroad or a combination of the two.

Venous Diseases:
Themison, Francois Broussais as leech therapists were ahead of their time because they believed that dilation, constriction and inflammation were at the root of most illnesses. They were not completely right, but today Heart Diseases, Stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and many other illnesses can confirm the belief and understanding of Themison, Francois Brousssais and even the Bible. The Bible says:"Blood is life". Who can disagree? The risk of dyeing from many Western Diseases like many Hollywood celebrities can be minimized or reversed with very little education along with holistic leech therapy. This program can be offered at home, office or in a hotel here or abroad or a combination of the two.

Hollywood Celebrity Package:(American, French or Dutch Territory)
Weekend or A Full Week or 3 Weeks in Luxury Hotel, Chalet and Spa for celebrities.
Air Fares, Security (optional)
Luxury Limo or High Hand Blended Vehicle
Guided Tours (optional)
Open Bar and All Meals (organic and a la carte by a cordon blue chef)
Companionship (Male or Female) for half or full day (Optional) Privacy and anonymity is at the base of our services.

Basic Price*= Call
I charge a very affordable price per one hour consultation.

An observation (consultation) is given before using our services to better serve you as celebrity.

I am not a medical doctor, so I don't diagnose, I cure and I don't prescribe medicines (drugs prescription) But I can show you how to use your medical doctor more efficiently and I can also show you how Spiritual Healing and natural therapies (some of them you may have never heard about) can help you heal yourself safely, wisely and almost painlessly with GOD and Nature Help. If you have no faith in a High Power or GOD, I am sorry I can't help you. Every service is customized to exceed your expectations. Always contact your lawyers, medical doctors or any other professional that is qualified to advice you before using our services. We are not doctors, not lawyers, not travel agents. We associate ourselves with highly qualified professionals to serve you as celebrities and famous or VIP clients.