Emf - is it making you sick?

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Please watch this because it's about saving every body's life from EMF (Electromagnetic Field Pollution or Intoxication or Radioactivity or Radiation or Poison). This will wake you up and may help you take action in reversing certain incurable diseases that most scientists and most holistic practitioners have no clues about. Please make sure you share this with your loved-ones. Thank you for watching.

Below is one of, if not the greatest expert, on Emf(Electromagnetic field) or a better name for it is ElectroSmog.

WiFi- A Great Danger Because We Are Being Exposed To Radiation from WiFi, Cell Phone, LapTop, PC, Tablet, Video Games with internet connection, and other Electronic. Overtime Radiation Will Make You Sick and May Kill You If you don't protect yourself

How The Blood Is Affected By Cell Phone or PC or WiFI By Radiation?

Dirty Electricity Make People Sick or Can Kill You Overtime