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Now many people in Australia, United States, Germany, Russia, France, India, Turkey, Spain and China are using leech therapy or holistic leech therapy.

Holistic Leech Therapy is scientifically proven to be the best remedy for arthritis, pain, leg ulcer, inflammations,infections, venous & skin diseases. pic for ad leech therapy Certified & Experienced Leech Therapist. I am certified by the best European leech farm company in Germany. I was trained by German Doctors who have been working with leech therapy to treat patients for many decades and non-medical leech therapists who use successfully holistic leech therapy in Germany.


Visit> Before using leech therapy talk to your primary medical doctor first, even though, the FDA classified hirudo medicinalis, just one type of leech, as level 2 which means it is very safe. Keep in mind that about 99% of American doctors are not trained in leech therapy, so they know very little about it. We don't cure and we don't diagnose either. All we can tell you is that leech therapy works almost instantly in most cases and it is the best medicine for pain, arthritis, mobility and many skin and venous diseases because there are many peer reviews and other scientific studies that showed that many species of leeches can reverse many diseases including certain cancers, cardiovascular, brain diseases. It is not a claim, these are facts that studies and clinical studies showed. If you have doubts please research it on the web and call us for a free consultation by phone. Very Important: I only work with people who have faith and believe GOD can heal.