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Q and A – Holistic Leech therapy with imposition of hands for Pets: Dogs and Cats. Are you a veterinarian or medical doctor?
No. No we are neither veterinarians nor medical doctors. Our service is not any shape or form to replace the work of veterinarian doctors or and medical doctors. What we do is to teach the pets owners as if they were taking care of their pets, we are helps who help them do a better job.Medical doctors or veterinarians works are based on scientific facts and studies and they have been trained to comply with the scope of science. They don’t believe in faith, imposition of hands, and holistic leech therapy for humans and animals because both have spirit and their were created by God. There many healing arts out there in many countries such as Germany, England, France, Russia, India and even here in the United States where non-medical practitioners help humans and animal use the full potential Nature including God to help achieve Total Wellness.

The truth is the client has to be unequivocally well aware of our status as non-medical practitioners. Non medical practitioners have helped the scientists, medical doctors and other institutions to find new breakthroughs in medicine. Some of them are Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Fitness (workout exercise), Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Alexander Techniques, Supplements, Diet, just to name a few.

For instance, hypnotherapy was seen as invalid health practice. Milton Ericson who was one of the pioneers of western hypnotherapy was accused by the American Medical Association to have practiced illegal and unworthy medical practice. In 1954 the same American Medical Association (AMA) agreed and declared that hypnotherapy conducted under the care of a trained expert is considered safe as a complementary healing art.

The Canadian born Daniel David Palmer who is the founder of Chiropractic was prosecuted in Iowa for practicing medicine without a license and had to pay over $2000 as a fine to get out of jail after spending 17 days incarcerated. Today there is a chiropractic office in almost every corner of each Us city.
There a multitude of Medical and non-medical trained practitioners every where in the world who are practicing many types of healing arts that are saving many million lives and are not yet accepted by the scientific medical community.
We do understand that the law has to protect people against those who use fake medical licenses to practice medicine as medical doctors or veterinarians, or those practitioners who mislead their clients about their true status or who abuse clients by telling them they can cure incurable diseases and there those who don’t provide any disclosure about their status and practice. But trained and honest non-medical practitioners who disclose their status clearly and unequivocally as non-medical practitioners and suggest or recommend their clients to always seek the Medical Treatments and advices from licensed medical doctors must be encouraged because they are the ones who come up many breakthroughs that are unthinkable by medical doctors because of their scientific background.
For instance, FAITH in a Higher Power (God, Jehovah, Buddha, Christ, Mohamed, Allah) is up to now unrecognized by the American Medical Association as a true healing power of any disease when applied with the utmost trust in God. As a tangible Dr. Andrew Newberg from the Hospital of Pennsylvania was able to prove a scientific research that Faith can make healing happen faster and better with prescription drugs.
Is it the right thing to do for anyone to choose Faith combined with natural healing arts such leech therapy, herbs, plant-based nutrition, clay, pray, meditation, hypnotherapy, bottle therapy, aromatherapy, oil therapy, natural body works, and other proven natural therapy when a full disclosure is given to clients as a non-medical practice and mentioned clearly that the FDA, the AMA, and NAVLE have not approved such a total wellness practice including the non-medical practitioner?
The government of Germany understands that leech therapy is a safe practice therefore it can be practiced by medical doctors and trained non-medical practitioners who disclose all the terms of leech therapy including the contra-indications to their clients. The German government was fortunate enough to find a good institution (where I was trained as a non-medical leech therapist) to help them create an adequate legislation that govern leech therapy and other biomedicine practice for medical doctors and non-medical doctors.
I have already implemented these rules by creating a curriculum that is designed to fit and exceed the North American Standard. I firm believe that leech therapy will come a mainstream therapy in North America and the whole world because the World Health Organization says clearly and I quote: “In recommendations released Wednesday, the WHO called for greater oversight on the correct use of antibiotics and more research into alternative treatments for infections. The agency's Global Action Plan also urges increased monitoring and reporting of resistant strains of the disease, as well as better prevention, diagnosis and control of infections.”*1
The Medicinal leech has some of the best anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant and many other bio-chemicals which make leech therapy one of the greatest natural medicines for humans and animals.

What are the ingredients in the medicinal leech are the safe for cats and dogs?
The word leech means doctor in old English. ingredients in the leech saliva Blood-sucking leeches have been used for medical purposes in humans for hundreds of years. Accordingly, one of the most prominent species has been named Hirudo medicinalis by Carl Linne in 1758. Feeding on vertebrate blood poses some serious problems to blood-sucking ectoparasites, as they have to penetrate the body surface of the host and to suppress the normal reactions of the host to such injuries (swelling, pain, inflammation) to remain undetected during the feeding period. Furthermore, the parasites have to take measures to inhibit the normal reactions in host tissues to blood vessel damage, namely hemostasis and blood coagulation (platelet aggregation and activation, activation of thrombin and formation of fibrin clots). During evolution, leeches have acquired the ability to control these processes in their hosts by transferring various bioactive substances to the host. These substances are supposedly produced in unicellular salivary gland cells and injected into the (blood stream) wound at the feeding site through tiny salivary ductule openings in the jaws that the leech uses to slice open the host body surface and to cut blood vessels in the depth of the wound. This review summarizes current knowledge about the salivary gland cells and the biological effects of individual saliva components as well as hints to the potential usefulness of some of these compounds for medical purposes. PMID: 22069059 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

Will the animals be able to walk and play after the leech therapy session?
In most cases the animal (cat or dog) will be very calm or may stay very quiet relaxing after the session because of the power of the bio-chemicals in leech saliva. If the pet was in pain it is most definitely that the pain would be gone almost completely or completely after the session. As it happens in people there could be a temporary shift of pain. In many cases after one week or so the pain or the inflammation may be gone completely. There are times more than one session may be needed to restore total wellness.

Will there be any side effects?
The most common side effect is itching. Itching normally a very short period of time and can be minimized greatly with anti-itch cream or lime and many other natural ingredients can alleviate itching.

Will you be able to use leech therapy on a small pet?
No matter how big or small is the pet we always ask the owner to talk and to obtain from a veterinarian one or two medical test to ensure that the pet is qualified to have one or more sessions of leech therapy. Some leech therapists use weight of the pets to determine how many leeches can be applied. Based on our studies, research and experiences weight alone is a very risky marker upon which to rely in order to determine leech application.

Can you guarantee that the pet will be healed?
I wish we had this God’s Power. Only God can guarantee complete healing. That is why we require the pet’s owner to believe that God can save any pet from dying ill health prematurely. We can guarantee that we will do our job the best way possible.
Leech therapy combined with a holistic approach and with the help of God can definitely provide great healing. Many scientific and non-scientific studies and experiences have provided tangible proof of great healing for humans and animals.

Can you leech therapy to keep a pet healthy?
Prevention is very important to stay healthy for both, animals and humans. Nowadays pets have as many diseases as humans because most pets are living the same life style as humans. Pets have intelligence to find its own medications in nature according to the new science of Zoopharmacognosy, but they can’t because they live almost a sedentary life in the home of their owners. Medicinal leech can help pets eliminate or reduce stress, pain, bacteria, parasites, inflammation; and can also help increase the immune system to fight diseases while increasing stamina to live a longer and healthier life.

Do you work with veterinarians?
Yes, we are open to work with the pet owner’s veterinarian. We always want pets’ owners to keep their veterinarians to monitor and continue doing their veterinarian job. We love having referrals from veterinarians as experts in holistic leech therapy because they want to avoid (putting pets to sleep) Euthanasia. <

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