Pain and Addiction with holistic leech therapy for celebrities and rich people by Emmanuel Renaud

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Pain and Addiction with holistic leech therapy for celebrities and rich people by Emmanuel Renaud.

Just recently I was training a woman who has more than 16 years in the medical field and took many medical classes at University and other medical training centers. She is the owner of an Ultra Sound School in California. The reason why she is taking training for a good number of weekends with me because she also owns a spa and a clinic (managed by a medical doctor) in which she is planning to provide leech therapy for pain and arthritis.

I am writing this post because she was amazed after spending a full weekend with me where I was talking about pain and leech therapy. This was one of the many weekends of training. I have been flying to Sacramento to provide these series of weekend training. This training allows her to understand how scientists approach pain versus a leech therapist expert like me. It is crucial according to her to have such a dynamic and skilled training in wellness because this is very important in order to get rid of pain naturally. She now understands pain in a way she had never understood before after taking many highly scientific classes and training from medical doctors.

She had a son that has been in pain for many years and had been taking pain killers (drugs) of all kinds from some of the best medical doctors in California, but he never had a good break the way he had after spending 3 hours with me in observation in and after giving a demonstration to her mom with him. The leech application worked so well he told me that he never felt this way for a long, long time and he was dealing with his addiction in a much better.

I am always happy to see people, rich and poor live pain free by getting rid of their pain with holistic leech therapy (combination of many natural therapies and spiritual healing) without drugs. Not long ago mom spent paid $5,000 for 3 day pain and addiction cure and unfortunately it did not work.

By the way, he (the son) is a very reputable individual whose uncle is one of the wealthiest people in the world. The uncle is a celebrity.

Emmanuel Renaud, Certified leech therapist and wellness practitioner

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