LOL - Leeches, Oils and Lights

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When Lights, Oils and Leeches are well combined and applied they can become a miracle medicine on any area of healing. I have seen amazing results on my clients that have shocked Medical Doctors. Please make sure to verify all the scientific research mentioned below. You will be amazed to know that LOL, Lights, Oils and Leeches Alternative Therapy can help the body heal itself very fast, efficaciously and can last for a long time without measure side effects.

Leeches -

"What has been discovered," says Roy Sawyer, who raises them, "is that the leech is a living pharmacy."

Seattle Times staff reporter, Carol M. Ostrom: "Used by practitioners of the healing arts as early as 1500 B.C., leeches have been employed ever since for a variety of medical purposes".

Professor Yiannis Samaras and Dr Effimia Eriotou, from the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands, in Greece, who led the research, tested the antimicrobial activity of eight plant essential oils. They found that thyme essential oil was the most effective and was able to almost completely eliminate bacteria within 60 minutes.

The East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies-
Case study results showed the use of Piper nigrum, Pelargonium x asperum, Mentha x piperita and Rosmarinus officinalis cineole affective in increasing circulation and decreasing pain from peripheral neuropathy and should be included in further research studies for this diagnosis.

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong-
We recommend that aromatherapy could continue to be used as a complementary and alternative therapy for patients with depression and secondary depressive symptoms arising from various types of chronic medical conditions.

Pulsing the LEDs at specific rates known as Nogier frequencies produce bio-resonate effects that further enhance the therapeutic action. Precise frequencies discovered by medical researcher and physician Dr. Paul Nogier are found to resonate with specific body tissues and dynamically reinforce their healthy function.

NASA Light Technology Successfully Reduces Cancer Patients Painful Side Effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Correspondence: Michael R Hamblin -
In addition to the demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects, Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) may have benefits provided by its ability to act on nerves by reducing pain transmission and activating endogenous opioid receptors [11].