Leech Therapy May Prevent the development of the HIV 1 virus

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Leech Therapy May Prevent the development of the HIV 1 virus, which is the most important virus that cause AIDS in human. 

This mini article is written by Emmanuel Renaud, Certified Leech Therapist.

The medicinal leech has demonstrated scientifically to have great power on the immune system and many other systems in the human body including the nervous system.

LTDI (Leech Derived Tryptase Inhibitor) was used in one study that showed the LTDI the replication of HIV-1 virus in the host cells can be blocked. The biological of function of LTDI is thought to be as follows: The Leech secrets in its saliva LDTI among many other biochemicals, the LDTI inhibits the proteolytic enzymes (tryptases) released by the host’s mast cells when the leech punctures the skin after analyzing it to protect itself in the local region while feeding itself. The leech provides a great relief to its prey while sucking and injecting because it wants its prey to continue being alive and well for future meals. The medicinal leech makes its prey feel relax and happy while feeding. In India, a very well known doctor and professor, Dr. Suneeta Shriniwas Hirlekar, treats HIV patients with great results.

This is one of the many ways that you and other people can benefit from leech therapy. References:
Medicinal Leech Therapy, p 137.
Links to learn about HIV-1:
Emmanuel Renaud
Certified Leech Therapist and Wellness Practitione
PH: 646-238-4800
    Warning: Talk to your licensed medical doctor before using leech therapy and other natural therapy.    
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