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These Leech documents and studies will give you a better understanding about one of the most amazing animals on earth, leech (leech in other languages: Sangsue, Sanguijuela, Egel, пиявка). All these studies and research belong to their respective owners or writers. My goal is to help spread the leech naturopathy movements so people around the world can know that their pain and suffering can be alleviated or eliminated by using leech naturopathy, which is safe and very affordable. I have included new and old studies, and even old books dated back many centuries ago, which can help shed light on many ideas including controversial ones about leech therapy. I hope you can enjoy these documents thanks to those who have contributed to these very important field, research and development. Let's keep leech breeding and leech naturopathy alive to help us heal naturally! Finally, let's give thanks to the Creator of leeches, The Most-High-God!

Medicinal Leeches in Naturopathy:>

Click on the links to view the scientific studies of medicinal leeches in English, French (Français) and Spanish (Español):
Leech chemistry and pharmacology - One of the few holistic practices that have good science to approve it
Patients who received leech therapy reported less pain than ... prescription drugs
Leech Treatment: Aches and Pains - Scientific view
The Unique Killer of Heart disease, Cancer and Brain diseases says a Chinese company regarding Hirudin
Ceramide glycanase activities in human cancer cells. This powerful enzyme inhibitor is also found in certain leeches
Ceramide Glycanase in the Macrobdella leech - A killer cancer cells enzyme
It has been suggested and successfully practised by Greeko-Arab physicians in the management of musculoskeletal diseases, gynaecological disorders, chronic skin diseases, thromboembolic diseases, varicose veins, etc since long
Leech Treatment in Osteoarthritis - Scientifically Proven
New York Times - Leech Doctor
Leech - Model Research Essay
The Famous Story from Demi Moore, American Actress
French: La Pose Des Sangsues
Book written over a century ago about the Leeches of Minnesota,USA
Effectiveness of Leech Therapy in Osteoarthritis of the knee
French: Les Sangsue Epinglees

Ear Treatment with Leech Therapy
French: La pose de sangsue a domicile
Leech Therapy is gaining popularity at BHU of India
Leech: Biodiversity Ontario, Canada
At the end of the 18 century is the start of a new cure: Hirudotherapy
Hirudotherapy in Dentistry
Facts about the Macrobdella in Massachusetts, USA
Spanish: Folletos de hirudoterapia
French: Louis Saha soigne a base de sangsues
Spanish: Un medicamento miragloso, la sanguijuela
French: Efficace application des sangsues
French: Enquete Medicinale De Sante (Sangsue)
French: La sangsue suce le sang mais ca fait du bien
New York Times: Leeches still have their medical uses
French: These sur les sangsues - Les traitements les plus anciens
French: Livre publie en 1857 -Nouvelle Monographie des Sangsues
French: Traite de la sangsue medicinale - Livre publie en 1809
Leech Treatment: Herpes, infection, inflammation and ...
Leech Therapy in Veterinary - An Animal that heals other animals
The study of fibrogenesis in the medicinal leech
Leech: When modern medicine needs help from mother nature Leech - The American Journal "A resurgence in health care today"
Spanish: La medicina sin medico - Libro
Hirudotherapy: List of diseases
Classification of medicinal leech
Hirudotherapy:The Russian Way - A Must Read
Bio-Surgery and Leech Therapy
A leech Supplier - Facts about Medicinal Leech
French - Traitement d'un abces par des sangsues
Understand Aeromonas - The Medicinal leech has a non-infected one
Hirudin Study - John B Haycraft's discovery led to the resurgence of Medicinal Leech
Leech Naturopathy - Reference of Scientific Research and treatments with leech therapy