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Total Wellness Radio Talk Show with Emmanuel Renaud, The Leech Practitioner. Previous Radio Talk Shows from Radio Good Health

Talk Show on 1460 AM- Happy July 4th, 2012! Emmanuel Renaud talked about how Holistic Leech Therapy can help people with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other pain. Scientific facts and statistics were discussed in this amazing talk show dated July 4th, 2012. Emmanuel also talked about becoming independently healthy by taking charge of your total wellness.
Arthritis-Pain-and-leech-therapy-for-healing.mp3 Click on the link
Emmanuel Renaud talked about how lack of oxygen can make you sick and how the leech saliva can inhibit the enzyme Kallikrien to stop early stage of cancer and other diseases. This talked was hosted on 1460 AM in LA.
Radio-Talk-show-Radio-Good-Health-June-30-12.mp3 Click on the link
Radio Talk Show in June 18th, 2012.
Radio-Good-Health-1st-show-06-18-12.mp3 Click on the link
Every information talked and discussed or written on this site including the radio show is for education only. Nothing said or written here had been approved by the FDA. Emmanuel Renaud is not a medical doctor, so he does not provide diagnosis, cure and he does not prescribe either. If you have any medical problem please contact a licensed medical doctor or a veterinarian.

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