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Wellness and Holistic Leech Therapy Payment. Here you can only pay for the service you will receive according to the price that was quoted to you and agreed verbally or in writing by you. If you are paying for a reservation to have an observation with Emmanuel Renaud you should click on Payment and Reservation to pay for it.

Paypal complies with the digital laws of every state including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

It is very important to know once you paid to receive a session or a couple of sessions of holistic leech therapy you can only cancel 8 days prior to the date of the session that was scheduled in order to receive a full refund minus 10 percent of the total amount paid. This deduction is made to cover processing and other fees. Any cancellation that is made within 7 days prior to the session that was scheduled there will be a charge of 60 percent of the total price of the session. This charge will be made to compensate the time that was reserved and other expenses that may have been occurred on your behalf in order to receive the service that was scheduled and reserved just for you. By paying for the service you hereby agree with this agreement and any other agreement that was discussed with you verbally or in writing. If you have any other questions feel free to contact Emmanuel Renaud before making any payment because he wants you to be fully aware and satisfied.

Thank you for choosing Emmanuel Renaud. Now you can start imagining your full recovery is happening because GOD has the Utmost Transcendent Power to heal you when you believe. The more you can imagine your full recovery the faster it will happen.

Be blessed and Healed