High Blood Pressure

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A Non-medical point of view, but very revealing about High Blood Pressure
By Emmanuel Renaud – July 3, 2012

Are you having a hard time dealing with High Blood Pressure? Great news! Because there are many ways you can stabilize your blood pressure, but the biggest mistake people make is to focus on High Blood Pressure alone. In my opinion High Blood Pressure is not really a disease, it is the manifestation of one or more anomalies in the body that disrupt homeostasis (allostasis is a much better word to describe complete healthy state or total wellness). These anomalies may come from inside the body or outside the body. This is a very crucial understanding, which is the fundamental of maintaining or restoring allostasis, total wellness. This knowledge, knowing the root cause of the problem, will prevent waste of money, medications and life.

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Again, it is very and very important to identify what caused you to manifest high blood pressure. Certainly stress could be one of them, but INFLAMMATION, constipation, hormonal problems, thyroid, anemia, low fat diet, sugar free stuff, white potatoes, soda, cow's milk, and processed food and drink in general, medications interaction or side effects or allergy, low level of pH or oxygen, parasites may cause you to have High Blood Pressure.

I don’t mention cholesterol because many people in Europe,Asia, and other continents have very high cholesterol without any heart diseases or High Blood Pressure.  According to many scientists and medical doctors having high cholesterol is not a major problem. In fact, it is reported women with high cholesterol tend to live longer. In an article titled: ‘Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease’ by Dr. Dwight Lundell who is a heart surgeon with 25 years of experience and has already performed over 5,000 heart surgeries.*1 Without any reserve he agreed that cholesterol is not what causes heart diseases or high blood pressure by providing tangible facts.

Being obese or overweight is a major problem because belly fat and inflammation may squeeze your lungs and your heart. They may also put a lot strain on your blood vessels which will slow down blood circulation and brain function. A new study found that people who are obese have 8 percent less brain tissue than normal-weight individuals. Their brains look 16 years older than the brains of people who are lean. Many scientists agreed with this new research including Dr. Paul Thompson, a UCLA professor of neurology. *2

Before you do anything take the time to process the following statement that is to me very profound and forward thinking.
Carl G Jung say: "They think your state is pathological, and every doctor helps them to believe it. And, of course, when they say, and everybody holds, that this is neurotic and pathological, then we have to talk that language."*3

High Blood Pressure is or will become psychogenic. So it has to be handled with a mind-body approach in order to have great success. Most people who are on prescription drug medications will never solve their High Blood Pressure completely without a holistic alternative approach. That is why heart disease is the leading cause of death in theUnited Statesaccording to CDC. Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Walking, Exercise, Chanting, Prayer, Self Talk, Balanced diets with organic food and fruit, fish, grains, beans, herbs ( Hawthorn berry, Broom, Yarrow, Lily of the valley, Valerian, Kava Kava, St John Wort and …) and plenty water alone with a happy mental state may help a lot or  may help you to get rid of the problem completely. The bible says:"A happy heart is good medicine, but low spirits sap one's strength". 4* This is being accepted little by little by some scientists and medical doctors because it is very hard to swallow this biblical truth that showed a profound understanding between human behavior and sickness.

There are many natural therapies that may help you. Here are some of them: Bottle therapy, Clay therapy, Magnet therapy and Medicinal leech therapy can help very much and almost instantly. Leech therapy is one of the best medicines you can have to get rid of blood clotting, inflammation, bacteria, and many other problems according to many scientists, medical doctors and non-medical practitioners. It may stabilize your blood pressure in a couple hours. Inflammation is really a major problem when it is overreacting. Fortunately, the medicinal leech can help you deal with inflammation successfully because of the anti-inflammatory bio-chemical ingredients in its saliva.

You can buy a bottle of Blood Circulation, Vvein, and Anti-infection Capsules or Extract to help you deal with High Blood Pressure. Many of my clients have been able to get their blood pressure stabilized within just a few months. And along with their medical doctors they were able to stop taking prescription drugs. You can buy the mentioned above natural products from dr-christopher-natural-products.info. Make sure you have no constipation problem, but if you do, buy a LowerBowel as well.  Lowerbowel must be used for a very limited time. Too much detoxification may not be good for the body.
I would suggest you to ask your medical doctor about taking a CRP, pH, Thyroid, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D and Arterial blood gas tests.  These tests may provide you and your doctor a better understanding about what is happening in the body. Unfortunately, these tests are oftentimes skipped.

I am not a medical doctor. I am only a Certified Leech Practitioner and a Holistic Practitioner. Talk to your medical doctor regarding your medical problems.

Emmanuel Renaud at leechmenow.com

None of the statements mentioned above is approved by the FDA. This is an educational article that is written by a non-medical practitioner. Diagnosis, cure, and prescription drug medications can only be made by licensed medical doctors.

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