Free Will Vs. Critical factor

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New York City - Written by Emmanuel Renaud, Certified Leech Practitioner with a holistic-science based approach.

Stephen Pinker says there is no FREE WILL. This is very true in most cases, but in hypnotherapy we use something called the Critical Factor, which is designed to deal with will through suggestions and other factors. There are times the clients are not fully capable to process certain suggestions on their own, so a good hypnotherapist must be able to help the clients pass the critical factor without having to influence the client. Because hypnosis is a 'do-with process'. When using Neuro Word Reading with Hypnotherapy, Space and Timeline Therapy combined with science based holistic medicine you can help make miracles with the belief there is no incurable disease.

For instance people who are very addicted have gotten to a point where they can't control themselves. This happened not because they are lazy or careless, but because they really sick. They have psychosis.

If they are not completely gone mentally (schizophrenia and other mental diseases) a good holistic practitioner who has mastered a variety of valuable techniques including hypnotherapy, space and timeline therapy, and Neuro Word Reading can help this client get rid of his/her addiction, but this may take some time and the client will have once again almost complete control over his/her life.

If the client is mentally gone certain prescription medicine must prescribed a medical doctor who understand fully the problem and who believes in holistic approaches. It is very important to have a combined approach, herbs alone or drugs alone may work well. And no non-medical practitioner should work alone with anyone who has lost total will power or control, because the client can become very dangerous to him/herself and to others. It a must to have a good medical doctor and/or many other licensed physician in the field of mental health to work with the client.

I wish Medical doctors and non-medical practitioners could have a good scientific understand of the 'No Free Will'. We often say and I quote: "Where there is a will and there is a way". What about this one - Where there is no will, there could be a better a way, if there is holistic intelligence from the practitioner.

Having a good understand of 'No Free Will' and Holistic Intelligence a lot of addicts and other sick people could have had a better health and could have been saved.

It is very important, in fact, very crucial, to understand that the brain and the body can be so sick or so addicted that no will nor control is available to the client, so he/she needs great help from someone who has Holistic Intelligence in order to be saved.

P.S. Very soon I will publish a 12 to 14 page-article about addiction. I believe most people should read this article that provides a scientific understanding about addiction and shows why most addiction treatment never work. Continue reading my mini articles so you can find some big ones as well.

New York City, Emmanuel Renaud

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