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I am an alternative educator for diabetes because I have been working with people who have diabetes for many years and some of them were able to reverse their diabetes after using a program that is more appropriate than the LTC (Lifestyle Therapeutic Change) that the American Association of Diabetes promotes.

As a certified nutritionist from many Universities and I just took online the most updated class on diabetes from a European University, I am convinced the American Association of Diabetes and The International Diabetes Federation will have to make some changes in their nutrition program for people who have diabetes because most of these fruits, vegetables, and legumes have a lot of carbohydrates, which is sugar (glucose) and most functional foods (Have a lot of fructose that is not processed the same the way glucose does) don't really help diabetes. In fact, they make diabetes more complicated. In order words, the new Myplate program is not a viable nutritional program for anyone, much less for diabetes. Calorie, fat, sugar are not really the cause of diabetes, obesity and many other diseases. Most biologists believe that diabetes type 2 is the worst medical problem of the 21st Century and we can certainly see that diabetes is becoming more popular almost every where. More than 20 millions of Americans have diabetes, about 80 millions have pre-diabetes without knowing. China has over 110 million cases and most of them are young adults. Over 50 million diabetes cases in India. The World Health Organization has predicted more than half a billion cases of diabetes by 2035. Africa may have an increase of 109 percent, even thought that Africa currently has a very small percentage of diabetes. For instance, this African country named Rwanda has only 1.4 percent of diabetes, which makes it the number 2 country with the least number of diabetes in the world. And Mongolia is number 1 with only 1.3 percent as of 2013. Guess what? The Mongolian diet is predominantly diary and meat, no vegetables and fruits and they are Asians. This irrefutable fact says a lot about the understanding of diabetes in the medical field and it confirms that fat and dairy are not the cause. But please if you live in the United States like I do or in any westernized country like Kuwait, Canada don't start eating a ton of meat and dairy because they are not produced the same way. That is why you have to be educated so you can avoid or reverse diabetes if it is not too late for you.

"I am 47 years-old and I don't take any prescription drug for any disease, which is remarkable. The lab tests I got recently from a medical doctor testified this fact. And I don't follow much of the nutritional guidelines that I was taught to practice by these universities and the CDC."

As an alternative nutritionist who studied biology, nutrition, genetics, stress, pain, cancer, optimal health scientifically and who have been using nutrition with herbs, plants, leeches and other natural therapies I know there must be changes in these programs that focus mainly on things that will not reverse diabetes as mentioned by Dr. Eric Westman. Let's make it clear because I believe that Dr. E. Westman program is better than the one promoted by the American Association of Diabetes, but I believe there are better ways to customize a program for diabetes by considering the person's problems, social status, and disorders in terms of nutrition. It is true that diabetes is not just a nutritional problem with glucose management, so more must be done to help reverse the problem because this is a very complicated and dangerous disease as agreed by Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University.

If you have diabetes and are not yet too far gone with loss of kidney or foot or eye or stroke or heart attack or Alzheimer's or cancer, you may have the possibility to consider a new holistic program that is based on pro-active science to help the brain reconnect with the metabolic system before it is too late for you. This program is great for pre-diabetes and diabetes that is not too far gone. You should continue seeing your medical doctors while using my integrated and alternative program. You will learn how to work with your medical doctors, so they can become true members of the diabetes fighting team because our current system for diabetes is failing us big.

By the way, not every program is designed with leech therapy, but it would be great if I could integrate it in the program for faster result. This may save diabetic foot amputation or dialysis or glaucoma or micro-circulatory problems, which may cause hidden or latent pain or leg ulcer. This is quite dangerous, and brain disorders.

This program can be used here in America: USA, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America. In fact, in any country where there is a phone or a computer with internet access.

Remember this:
"You or loved ones don't have to die or suffer from diabetes". There is a way out for a better life.