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Leech Therapy services combined with naturopathy for the people in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, MA serving the tri-state and plus MA.

Before you contact me make sure that you have a solid FAITH in GOD, and believe that HE has the Transcendent and Ultimate Power to heal you; and nothing is impossible to The Most High. Remember that Faith comes along with a pure LOVE of all mankind.

PH: 646-238-4800 Leech therapy - Manhattan, NY and NJ (soon) offices serve people throughout the country, you can come to us or we can come to you. We can also go almost every where in state or out of state and in other countries with proper planning. Leech therapy - Education and therapy is normally provided at your home for better results and for your convenience. This will serve you as an education while taking care of your body and mind. Leech therapy - Free consultation by phone and you can set up an appointment to visit us for leech therapy. Company name: Emmanuel Renaud, Practice: Holistic Alternative Therapy: Leech, ER-Clay, Magnet, Water, Herbs, Prayer, Holistic Affirmation and Spiritual Mind Coaching, Old & New Bible, Kosher, SuperFood Dietary Practices (A great combination of wellness program that is designed to empower,  educate and help heal the mind and the body while working with your primary doctor or other medical doctors). PH: 646-238-4800 You can call us at any time from 10 AM to 9 PM - for leech naturopathy and other wellness services.

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Leech Naturopathy - Warning: Emmanuel Renaud is not a medical doctor and he does not cure people. He does not provide diagnostic either and does not provide any medical advices nor medical consultation. Emmanuel Renaud provides only education and Total Flow Medicine support ( leech naturopathy )to help people maintain wellness by using holistic alternative therapy that humans from all ages have been using with great success without replacing licensed medical doctors.  You must contact your primary medical doctor before you can use any holistic alternative naturopathy. You are responsible for any outcome that may occur after applying holistic alternative therapy ( leech therapy or naturopathy ). You by contacting him you thereby release Emmanuel Renaud and his associates or consultants from any damage or lawsuits for any reasons.  None of this information herein provided has been approved nor submitted to the FDA for leech therapy or Leech Naturopathy.