Breast Cancer

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Is Breast Cancer Reversible Naturally with the most Potent Enzyme Inhibitors Found in Certain Leeches, Snakes and invertebrates?

A Western mindset may find the above questions creepy or out of place, but many western scientists are currently studying these issues with great interest and curiosity that provide hopes for many cures according to these scientists. In this site you will find valuable studies and research about how certain biochemical (peptides or enzymes ) found in certain leeches can help the body regain or maintain its allostasis or homeostasis. It seems like The Most High God or Nature knew about cancer and many idiopathic diseases that the human race would face; and that is why nature came ready to help us reverse these so called incurable diseases. As an educated and faithful certified leech therapist I have found many and many research and peer reviews that confirmed some of the cases I have helped successfully with leech therapy, ER Clay, phyto therapy and other natural approaches while working with people who believe in both, scientific modern medicine (Licensed Medical Doctor Approach and CAM - Complementary Alternative Medicine. I do believe that both can help very much when well applied. I can't make any claim, but I have seen long term improvements that have shown almost perfect state of health in many of my clients. But according to the department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this is very possible because of some of the peptides found in invertebrates such as Snakes, Spiders, Snails, etc. And certain leeches have some of the same types of peptides that are found in snakes, scorpions and other invertebrates. Disintegrins, Therostasin are some of them. According to scientists they can bind the growth of oncogenes and thereby stop cancer growth. They have peer reviews to back up their theory. And there are many and many other scientists who have made research to back up this theory as well. By the way, in science a theory needs scientific proof. Here is a link of a PowerPoint Seminar Click to download the PowerPoint Info from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Read this scientific study about high expression of disintegrins and metalloproteinase in cancer including breast cancer. Certain leeches have have disintegrins and many other inhibitors that bind oncogenes by using a sweet and calm natural injection of potent peptides in the blood stream which go all the way to the blood brain barrier. And this is why most of my clients feel a very relaxing sensation during and after a leech therapy session. This mental state gets the clients to sleep like a baby and gets them to dream a lot. And their pain is gone completely in most cases.

Pain, according to most women with whom I have worked, pain is one of their major problem. Some of them have told me they couldn't sleep on their chest before because of tremendous PAIN. To learn more click here or visit