A brain injured client found a great relief in days

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Written by Emmanuel Renaud, CLT and Neuro Mind Body Practitioner.

After just 9 days, the brain injured client is feeling terrific with my Neuro Mind Body Program.  No more cane, she was able to memorize again and …

After finishing a late night radio talk show on 93. 1 FM S.C.A. in Brooklyn, New York a woman called me telling and I quote: “Almost every thing you said in your show is being experienced by me because I have all types of pain and many other problems.”

We had an appointment and I visited her. I spent small 3 hours making an observation which allowed me to create a wellness program that met her needs for complete rebuilding. I said rebuilding because she mentioned today that I was helping her rebuild her life.

She has been working with many specialist doctors and including a chiropractor and neurologist for a long time but even thought she was still using a cane to walk and losing her hair by becoming bold like my dad.

The first thing I explained her for over one hour after the observation was the following:
“A happy heart is good remedy, but a broken spirit can destroy the bones of the body.” This is mentioned in the bible for over 500 hundred years, but just recently science is getting in agreement with this powerful truth that must be first understood latterly and secondly, figuratively and scientifically. I did just that with her and she felt instant relief. This was faster than most prescription drugs for pain and depression, and her faith strengthened and deepened, which created magically, instant healing and repairs for the whole body and brain.

Believe it or not, today, I saw her walking without the cane she had and she was able to get up without holding any thing. This is called strength and balance. That 58 years old woman is getting her health back slowly (rapidly in her own mouth) and surely. I told her that I was very proud of her because she was an expert in implementing and she laughed by saying “yes, I am like that.”

She quickly understood that the neuro bottle therapy was going to be very effective because I told her in advance that was she going to feel some pain first and later on the pain was going away. The great news is she just got the first part of the Neuro Bottle Therapy. Because there are 2 more steps. Wait, you should read and feel the following because only miraculous intervention can work so well and so fast. Seven great improvements that my ears and my eyes often believe that can happen to my clients:

  1. Constipation - In her own words and I quote: Since I made those changes in my diet as you suggested I can tell you now that I have never felt this way. I go so easily and no forcing. The stool looks uniformed and longer than 22 inches like you explained to me and this is happening every day like that.Respiratory and snoring problem - She said to me that her doctors couldn’t understand why she could not breathe well because the test they did not show any breathing problem. After using just a small part of my program, so far no natural medications and no medicinal leeches are given to her, and she now can breath better and snore much less.
  1. Sleeping - She now can sleep better and longer without any sleeping pills. She said that she woke up fresh and energized every day.

  1. A paradigm shift about two previous unsuccessful marriages - She said that was still fighting with two previous marriages, but the Neuro Mind Coaching with the Help of the bible and other materials, has helped to start shifting her thoughts to a new revelation that I got her to feel, see and understand. Now she feels a little relief which is a big thing for her comparing to the way she felt about those ex-husbands. Now she is glad she had those 2 men in her life.
  2. Strengthen of memory – Neuroplasticity is working her way. I got her to learn in a very smart way a psalm in the bible. She was very happy to recite to me a part of the psalm and she did it almost perfectly. She said she thought she was not going to get her memory back because she could remember much and much less memorizing a long psalm. Now she can in just 9 days.

  1. Much less Pain without any medication - She said and I quote: “Why doctors and chiropractors did not give me the tools you gave me and they are so simple and easy to use without side effects. They hurt a little bit first, but they work fast and miraculously. I am amazed.”
  2. Become Happier with much more hope A happy heart (brain I believe it should have said) is a good remedy says the bible is working well along with other techniques to keep her happy and relaxed.

In about 6 months I believe her brain will create its own medicine to start providing true healing for the brain and the body with help of God and my Neuro Mind Body Wellness Program. I expect to see her some day with new hair covering the bold part of her head and to enjoy perfect health by continue using my Neuro Mind Body Wellness Program and finally the doctors can ask her to stop taking the prescriptions they gave her because they will verify scientifically she is mentally and physically sound.

By the way, this is not a joke. I also told her that she is going to take a super food that I suggested to take until she makes her transition and she laughed about it.        Emmanuel Renaud, Certified Leech Therapist and Neuro Mind Body Practitioner. www.LeechMeNow.com or PH: 646-238-4800

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