EMF & Dirty Electricity Building Wellness Consultation for home & Business

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Now more than ever everyone: Healthy or sick people should evaluate their home or apartment or room and their place of work to find how much is EMF (Electromagnetic Filed Pollution) and how much Dirty Electricity the body is exposed to?

Our usage of electricity and electronics have grown up to 30 million times. Yes, I repeat it again 30 million times. This is said by the Ph.D and medical doctor Dietrich Klingheardt who was named doctor of the year in 2007. According to him this was reported by German scientists

In 2009 I decided to study LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environment Design because I understood that holistic living requires harmony between the body and the place where we live and work. 4 years later I am more convinced that Building and body have to be in harmony. And when the body is invaded by invisible Electromagnetic pollution or Radiation Frequency and dirty electricity the body will experience tiredness, anxiety, insomnia, aches and pain of all sorts, and many other dangerous diseases that are supposedly incurable according to modern medical doctors. Unfortunately there are few medical doctors like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who is an expert in EMF and Dirty Electricity because he understood that most of his patients diseases are some how connected or related or affected by electrosmog by are created by cordless phones, cellphone, WiFi, and dirty electricity that are caused by Smart Meter and many other electrical appliances and equipment that are either in or out of the home or the workplace.

Most of clients have told that their medical doctors are very impressed about their physical appearance and their health.

A nurse who is my wellness client who came to me because she could not have a satisfactory solution from modern medicine so she hired to me as her wellness consultant. That nurse told me that one of her doctors was so impressed and she told her:"Whatever you are doing or taking keep doing it because it is working beautifully well".

Since I have been using LEED and Building Biology in my wellness service I have seen faster improvement and more amazing results. Everyone is happy with my service. It is unbelievable!

Dr Magda Havas is one of the leaders who discovered this new man made problem: Electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity. And anyone who is serious about wellness must know his or her environment by making a professional LEED and Building Biology in your home and workplace.

I provide this service free of charge to my clients because it is part of my wellness consultation. This service is available to the public. I mean to anyone who wants this very valuable wellness service. A detail report will be given to you and including wellness measures and prevention for grounding from EMF and Dirty Electricity. We suggest people to always to have a LEED and Building Biology Evaluation for your home and workplace. And before you buy a home or before renting, specially when you kids and or older people. In my opinion no body should be living and working in a place without knowing how much EMF and dirty electricity exposure is there.

We have some of the best ways and very cost effective to provide grounding and protection from EMF and Dirty Electricity.

The price for this service is only $175 for the home. We also work for small or big business. You can request a free consultation in order to provide you the cost of an EMF and Dirty Electricity Building Wellness Evaluation and Consultation.