Addiction Reversal Program

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By Emmanuel Renaud, CLT and NMBC Addiction Reversal Program. Neuro Holistic Leech Therapy, a Neuro-Mind-Body approach for lasting results.   Long term addiction influences our hopes, desires, needs, thoughts, feelings, motivations, capabilities, plans and actions in a very negative and devastating way, in most cases. In other words, it causes us to have multiple known or unknown diseases that too often cause people who are victim of addiction to be subject of bullies and ridiculous critics. Unfortunately, these inhumane treatments and comments are made because most of us don’t really have a clue about addiction.

Most of us see addiction as a negative behavior. This is further from the real truth because addiction is not a behavior; it is a collection of diseases that have developed overtime. My goal in this educative and empowering article is to provide some new understandings based on scientific findings and to show how a Neuro-Holistic Leech Therapy and Neuro-Mind-Body Coaching (combination of many natural therapies with medicinal leeches) approach can help reverse or slow down progressively long term addiction. By the way, I am not a medical doctor. I am a holistic leech therapist and a Neuro-Mind-Body Coach who loves, researches and studies science independently with the help of The Great Courses and other sources.

Warning: This is not a fast and easy fix. It is neither a detoxification nor a prescription drug program, but it is, in my opinion, the best way to reverse long term addiction without harming anyone and without over spending. My hope is to help shed some sparks of light on this complex subject in order to help those who are victim of addiction. And to also help their love-ones have a better understanding so they can start really helping themselves and the victims before it is too late.

See the whole article by clicking here: Addiction Reversal Program
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