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Emmanuel-Renaud-NewLeech Naturopathy is created by Emmanuel Renaud who is a certified leech therapist from the German leech breeding and leech therapy, Biebertaler in Germany, and he is a scientific-holistic practitioner. He holds many certifications including in Biology, Nutrition, and CAM. He is also a scientific leech, nutrition and natural remedies researcher and writer. Leech Naturopathy promotes and believes in Total Flow Medicine which combines the scientific field of leech therapy, nutrition with scientifically and holistically proven lights, herbs, plants, ER-clay, magnet, grounding, oils, fitness (exercise and body work) and nutrition, holistic environment (color, sound, image, air, magnetic field, light, stones, etc.), mental coaching, social and spiritual intelligence. It is very important to know that 80% of our practice is scientifically proven including the medicinal leeches, lights, oils, herbs, plants, ER-clay, hypnotherapy, magnets, etc. And the remaining 20% of Leech Naturopathy is completely holistic which is based on thoughts, faith, prayer and mental power. Today there are many medical scientists who believe that faith, prayer, autosuggestion, affirmation can have a positive effect on healing. For example, Dr Andrew Newberg from Pennsylvania School of medicine and even the famous and excellent professor at Stanford University, Robert Sapolsky, agree that thoughts or imagination can affect the body positively or negatively.But over all, Leech Naturopathy is based on Total Flow Medicine. This is a term and concept created by Emmanuel Renaud.

The great news is the famous psychologist, author of the best selling book, 'Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience', Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has already brilliantly proved how Flow is important in happiness. Happiness is a good medicine according to the bible -Proverbs 17:22. But Total Flow Medicine is a true mind-body medicine approach which is the foundation of Leech Naturopathy. And today most medical scientists recognize the power of these noninvasive techniques that Total Flow Medicine embodies, but just a handful medical doctors practice them. Some of The Most Famous Medical Doctors and scientists, Christian Agapart, Deepak Chopra are some of the modern promoters of Mind-Body Medicine. The well known medical doctor of the year 2007, Dietrich Klinghardt, practices some of these noninvasive techniques that Total Flow Medicine promotes. Based on my research Total Flow Medicine was already created before human and other animals were created. Human being is programmed, and the human codes for complete health is based on Total Flow Medicine. A good understanding of this is the first perfectly programmed human cell, the Zygote, which has a nuclear DNA ( Deoxyribonucleic acid). After over 40 years of the discovery of the DNA and just recently, December 12, 2013, Genome scientist Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos led a team that discovered a second code hidden in DNA according to the University of Washington. Now science has a new understanding about the human code, DNA and here it is:“The fact that the genetic code can simultaneously write two kinds of information means that many DNA changes that appear to alter protein sequences may actually cause disease by disrupting gene control programs or even both mechanisms simultaneously,” said Stamatoyannopoulos. Source:RT network.
Total Flow Medicine also believes that the human body is programmed. The human brain and the body have always been the way they are now. So the cortex (The Prefrontal Lobes or The PFC or The Executive and Cognitive Functions of the brain) is not an added part to the human brain as we have lead to believe by the Darwinian point of view of natural selection. Total Flaw Medicine does not agree with this added third brain. Because human is more than just a mere creation. Human has always been part of the universe in consciousness or spirit or mind and body. This is why there is a flow between the universe and all the trillion cells in our body. Inhale(O) and exhale (CO2) is an exchange of (flow) between human and the universe. Human is completely and forever connected to The Source of life. This understanding is crucial in Leech Naturopathy to help the body stay or have Total Flow. And this is more than just allostatis or homeostasis. Total Flow Medicine has its core principles in repairing and revitalizing the programming of the whole body in order for the cells and their DNAs stay in harmony with its Creator, so they can function well, and the body can stay in Total Flow.

Here are Some of The Benefits of Using Leech Naturopathy:

  • Mental and Physical Relaxation
  • DNA – Prevent or Repair Mutation
  • Better Blood Circulation
  • Reduction of Inflammation and or Elimination of Infection
  • Reduction or Elimination of Pain
  • Elimination of Arthritis (80% of the people or more)
  • Reduction of Toxin and Blood Clots
  • Tissue or Skin Revitalization
  • Skin Disorders Elimination or Reduction
  • Brain Cells Rejuvenation and Better Synapses of Neurons
  • Help Fight Dementia Diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson Diseases
  • Help people with Diabetes with pancreatic problem in order for the brain to recognize signals from leptin and ghrelin, so glucose can do its job
  • Lower The risk of Having Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Leg ulcer or Thrombosis (diabetes) Elimination of Reduction
  • Reduction or improvement of Spider Veins
  • Improvement of Digestion
  • Promote Instant Mobility by Revitalizing Joints and Reducing Inflammation
  • Tinnitus, Glaucoma, Gingivitis, Lime Diseases, Ear Ringing Elimination or Reduction
  • Sexual Enhancement (Better Blood Flow and Better Brain Function by helping ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)
  • Memory and Longevity Enhancement
Leech Naturopathy, this mind-body approach, is based on the philosophy and scientific evidence of Total Flow Medicine. It has helped many people reverse health problems and social issues including business and professional challenges. Because your health affects directly your professional and business performance. First, a free consultation by phone is given to you. If you are pre-qualified and want to continue, a paid face to face observation is given before a Leech Naturopathy session can be scheduled or a Total Flaw Medicine Program can be customized for you. Leech Naturopathy - Everyone has a unique DNA therefore every service is customized based on Total Flow Medicine.
I love challenges and I am always confident that there is a solution to every problem. The Almighty God (The Source of all creation and the manifestation of Consciousness) has a cure for every incurable disease or a solution for everyone who faces personal and business challenges.
Leech Naturopathy- I have seen miracles happened in my life and in many clients' life as well. I believe that The Most High God can continue helping us as long as we keep the Faith. Talking of faith, I only work with people who believe the universe is guided by The Most High God, but I will not discriminate against any religion or belief. It does not matter if don't have one because we are one, so everyone is welcome.
Your health
-Leech Naturopathy: Mental and Physical, nothing can replace a good health. A great health is built inside and out with faith, love, good thoughts and creativity, exercise and nutrition, outstanding care and devotion. And only you can do that with the help of others including your primary medical doctor.
Leech Naturopathy- I provide a holistic alternative wellness program that can ensure the mind and the body stay in harmony by taking some small steps that will lead you to Total Body Flow or good health. My services can't and won't replace the services of medical doctors or physicians. Modern Medical Doctors would not like to practice Total Flow Medicine because it is combined with (natural stuff that Science has no clue about), natural practices and science.
There are a great number of natural therapies that can help the mind and body heal themselves and people can use them harmlessly on their own with just a little education. Unfortunately most scientists ignore almost completely these simple therapies because they don't have scientific evidence for some of them yet.
Why can't we try a harmless therapy that has worked for others for many thousands years?
Leech therapy – The Creator programmed our planet and the human body to work well. The Creator also gave us every tool necessary to stay in good health by practicing Total Flow Medicine. It is up to us to find these natural ways of helping ourselves by understanding the codes of our body and our consciousness. God also gave scientific knowledge to medical doctors and scientists to find cures for diseases that we can't or don't know yet how to cure naturally. For instance, surgery is one of the procedures medical doctors do well in many cases. Prescription drugs, and other medical procedures have a great place in our societies because they save lives every day.
Leech Naturopathy - Non-Medical and Non-Licensed Holistic Alternative Practitioners like me work with thoughts and nature with a good understanding of science, but medical doctors or physicians work with science only. There is a need for both in our society and I am glad it is so. There is plenty hope about Naturopathy. In fact, the US congress just passed legislation to approved the use of natural medicine: “The Resolution (S. Res. 221) recognizes the value of naturopathic medicine in providing “safe, effective, and affordable health care” and encourages Americans to learn about the role of naturopathic physicians in preventing and treating chronic and debilitating conditions. I hope you understand there are many types of naturopathy, and Leech Naturopathy is one of them.
Keep the faith and let God, nature and science work for you!
Emmanuel Renaud is a certified leech therapist from the German Institution, Biebertaler Blutegelzucht. But his skills and experiences in holistic medicine expanded over 2 decades. He is the founder of Leech Naturopathy that promotes the concept of Total Flow Medicine. He has many certifications in Nutrition from some of the best universities. Read his profile for more information. The practice is safe, effective, fast, and affordable and it is backed by many scientific peer reviews and theories and hypothesis with enough hands on experience. In science a theory is backed by many scientific studies.

FDA Laws and Regulations demand that I post a disclaimer to all visitors: "The statements on this website have not been evaluated and verified by the FDA-Food and Drug Administration. The services presented on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.* See your medical doctor or physician before start any of these services."